Introducing, The Heart is an Echo Chamber

Wednesday, 10th August, I’ll finally be sharing with the world The Heart is an Echo Chamber.

In October 2014 I released No Need to Reply. A chapbook by that name begged a reply. The Heart is an Echo Chamber is that reply, or more aptly, eight replies.

This tiny collection has traveled some pretty rough times with me. Every time I’ve almost finished it (the editing, the typesetting, the cover….), life has thrown a curve ball. And another. Not only has the collection traveled with me through this, but so have the eight writers who signed on back in October 2014. Thank you.

I think it is safe to say, it may never have come to fruition had it not been for Stacey (S.G.) Larner, who debuts as a cover artist. Thank you, Stacey! For your extraordinary illustration and cover design, and for being there to encourage me when I didn’t think I could face it again.

Below is more info on the chapbook and how to pre-order.

Front Cover

Every story carries a second side, sometimes heard, more often not. Or a beginning, purposely or accidentally unmentioned. An ending left out because to include it would make it all too hard.

Until now.

These eight stories echo the heart of another.

Revisited are a jar of olives, a sentient tarot deck, a redemptive poem, an international hotel room, a piano accordion, an anonymous text, an abandoned pair of shoes and a list of things.

**Available in multiple digital formats and as a limited-edition chapbook.**


“You know what it means to want the presence of someone, to want that ghost of a feeling that if you turn around slowly enough, squint your eyes tightly enough, you’ll slip into a different world that brings that lost soul back to you. How things should be.”




The Heart is an Echo Chamber – Lois Spangler
It Couldn’t Be – Tom Dullemond
Untethering – Adam Byatt
Letting Go – S.G. Larner
Pits – Kristen Erskine
The Princess of Swords – Helen Stubbs
Starless – Ben Payne
Emerging, Closure – Rus VanWestervelt



Buy the limited edition chapbook

$12.00 includes postage wherever you are in the world and free digital copies*.

(PayPal allows for you to leave a message–whether this be for a personalised message or to nominate someone other than yourself to have the book signed for.)

Chapbook Bundle

$17.00 includes postage wherever you are in the world, physical and digital copies* of The Heart is an Echo Chamber and No Need to Reply.

*No Need to Reply will immediately download. The Heart is an Echo Chamber will be forwarded to you upon release.



Hello World, It’s Me, Jodi

It’s been a while.

I could write several volumes about what has happened since I last blogged in September, but I won’t. That’s the past, and this is me, here in the present, peering off into the future.

IMG_6286To state the obvious, the blog has had a make over. Thanks go to Shauna O’Meara for the sublime artwork (and for working with me when I was at my least amiable and most scatterbrained). I’ll blog a little more about the inspiration for the artwork in the next week or so because there is a bit of a story to go with it.

Pursing Parallels refers to the fact that life is often an multiple overlay of any number of roles and responsibilities. At any one time, I’m a licorice-allsorts combination of writer, partner, mother, friend, daughter, publisher, editor, poet, teacher, depressive, psychic, lover… and the list goes on. For me, pursuing a life of passion and fulfillment means living in parallel worlds. Sometimes to my benefit and other times to my detriment. Pursing Parallels is also about chasing characters across the unchartered landscape of the imagination, immersing in nature when my default is the (sub)urban and having an interface with the weird and wonderful.

Bit by bit the inner renovations of the site will unfold (many new tabs have ‘coming soon’). Thank you for your patience as the work continues. If I’d have waited for everything to be completed, I might never have started blogging again.

IMG_6301 (1)

The most important things to know (and yes, I am going to dot point them!):

  1. I am back, how regularly remains to be seen, but with the shift of focus there will be plenty of new, exciting subjects to write about. From a health and wellness perspective, I am moving into a better place and with this comes a desire to engage with the world again,
  2. the revamped blog will focus (primarily) on three areas: writing, wandering and ‘the woo’ as I want this to reflect who I am now, and who I am still becoming,
  3. yes, I am still writing but not editing or publishing anything new (just yet!) and since I last wrote there’s been a few new publications (I’ll take time to talk about them in a separate post),
  4. I am still on extended sabbatical from Facebook (its now been 13 months and honestly, I don’t think I will ever go back), however I do use Twitter and Instagram. I’ve found these allow for meaningful engagement without the attendant anxiety I still find attached to Facebook, and
  5. over the next month several new ‘services’ will come online  – one offering custom built poetry and the other involving tarot, again, each deserve their own post explaining more. There will also be word on the publication of a companion chapbook for No Need to Reply.

I hope this finds you well, content where you are and where you are going. Until next we talk,

Burn bright.


An Accidental Destination

I’m over at Nik Perring’s blog today, talking about For The Asking.

I’ve never considered publishing and author development as mutually exclusive to each other. However, I never considered myself a mentor even though I was a publisher! As a destination, it has come about as an organic, hit-and-miss, lead where my heart follows kind of journey. Like a road trip where sometimes you decide where you want to go and other times roll a dice. This is latest detour and pit stop on the ‘path less trod’ as a publisher, editor and writer.

I’ll be back later to expand on the details.

Beautiful Trees Pre-Order

I was very excited this morning to see in my inbox, news of the up-coming release of Nik Perring’s new book Beautiful Trees

BeautifulTreesCoverRoast Books has this to say about the up-coming release:

Combining brevity with an overarching narrative, Nik Perring’s unusual storytelling is touching and captivating. His Beautiful series follow the lives of Lucy, Lily, and Alexander through words, trees and shapes.

In the second edition of the series, Beautiful Trees, the narrative continues to unravel amidst the branches of some of our greatest trees, brought to life by the rich and playful illustrations of Miranda Sofroniou.

You can read my review of Beautiful Words here for an appreciation of what is to come in Beautiful Trees.

Pre-order are available now via the Roast Books website. Release date is 5th November. I’m happy, because that’s Christmas taken care of for at least two dear friends who were recipients of the first book for birthday presents last year!

At Arm’s Length

Huzzah!! ‘At Arm’s Length’ (affectionately known to those close as ‘The Arm Story’) is out today in the latest Tincture Literary Journal.


The feelings engendered by Publication Day never get old. And it’s been a while (for a variety of reasons) since I had a story published in a journal or anthology, thus today is extra sparkly and a beverage or two may be consumed in celebration.


The first words were put down New Years Eve 2013/14 but it took a really long time to find the final form. The premise (a woman wakes up one morning to discover her arm is missing) is a pretty unbelievable scenario. Because the story asks the reader to suspend their disbelief, I had to absolutely nail all the other real-life details and motivations, and that took a while. The story is pretty indicative of how I was feeling at the time: slowly disappearing into invisibility, losing parts of myself along the way, lost in suburban obscurity.

It was also my first experimentation with the metaphysical side of magical realism which perhaps accounts for the length of time it took to hone and home it.


Many thanks go to my beta readers: Dan Powell, Ben Payne and S.G. Larner. Special thanks to the editors of Urban Fantasy Magazine who provided amazing feedback with their rejection. And last of all, thank you to Daniel for again believing in my work and giving it a home at Tincture.


You can read Daniel’s editorial, peruse the table of contents, add it to Goodreads or more importantly, buy a copy of Tincture Issue 11.

Clouds See Nothing

Better late than never, a birthday present for my glorious friend Rowena. Rather than weave the paper, I chose to tear the beautiful handmade Japanese sheets for a soft, bleeding, vein-like finish.

This started out as a present for a different friend, the passage from Six Memos about the sky appeared perfect. But the words refused to cooperate and when I surrendered to the fact, perhaps this was not the gift I set out to create, the poem organised itself.

Another lesson in surrender.

Another lesson in letting go of perfection.

Another lesson in trusting that everything comes in its own good time.

Coming Soon… Tincture 11

A sneak preview of what lingers in the wings as the release of the next Tincture draws closer.
Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.33.57 pm At Arm’s Length is a magical realism slice of domestic obscurity and invisible love with nods of the head to the work of Dan Powell and Nik Perring.

Tincture Literary Journal’s 11th issue is released September 1st.