Postcardia-cum-Poetica #6

I’m a bit late in getting last week’s postcard photographed and into the post. Another Avante Card, this time a promo one for ACMI in Melbourne. It was made for my friend’s son who is five and off to school next year. He has a wicked imagination and I could see bits of him climbing in and out of the words and pictures.

Rob commented that it’s a bit Beatle-esque in arting and wording. I’m happy to take those compliments. 

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #5

All the poems for the postcards come from a random draw of word snippets; all the off cuts, of all the pages, from all the poems I’ve built over the last year. I have two baggies of Calvino and one for Winterson. 

Last week my son came home with some Avant Cards he found in the library. These were our staples two years ago when Kim and I started writing. 

Pretty hard not to be wowed by Ying Huang’s Heart’s Shadow. And I loved what was randomly drawn from the baggie. Couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for the artwork. 


PoetrySquared Launched at Etsy

In January, I wondered if it would be possible to make my poem squares on demand. Post It Note Poetry became boot camp, giving me the space to build a poem a day under quasi-commission parameters. It was a huge success. In some cases there were spooky references to things I couldn’t possibly have known about. At the end of February it was clear it was possible for me to buil poems on demand.

Then I got sick. Plans came to a halt. I kept building poems for birthday presents. Then I began to pair them with the zentangles I was drawing as part of my sleep therapy.

Late July, I took a grand leap of faith and posted a poem on Twitter with ‘for sale’ attached to it. It went. Quickly. To one of my favourite Brisbane poets. Since then I’ve sold half of the poems I’ve posted to Twitter and Instagram.

Welcome to the Stage Poetry2

Today, with Venus (Art and Beauty) beginning her transit of my Neptune-Mercury conjunction (Poetry), I’m ecstatic to point you all in the direct of Poetry2 at Etsy. There are 17 poems there at the moment: 10 of the remaining poems from February; five from the Turquoise Series;  two from the unfinished Orange Series.

The squares are approximately 9cm2 and range in price from $13-$15.
I also do custom builds. They begin at $20. If you’re interested in commissioning a poem you can contact me through the Etsy email system. It’s as simple as picking one of my source book, some page numbers and preferred colours for the background.

Many thanks to Rob who gifted me the shop name (he’s so much better at that stuff than I am) and to Adam who continues to be a most wonderful writing partner/creative co-conspirator.