Blog Redux

For months I’ve been trying to find the right balance, the right blog and well it has fallen short.  My Blogger account was cleaved in half with the writing staying at Writing With Passionate Abandon and the miscellaneous life stuff ending up at Shine A Little Light but it just hasn’t worked.

Ironically the output at Writing With Passionate Abandon has gone up but it’s been devoid of the human experience.  So welcome to the human experience behind writing.

I could fuss budget for weeks over the fact I can’t get the template correct, my new header image wont load up properly, but I am going to forgo all that and just write here! As Mercury Retrograde peters out I will get all the technical stuff working the way I want it to.  Until then, I’ll just write.

I have been giving the Twilight soundtrack an absolute hammering.  Dave just looks at me and doesn’t know what to say, other than “I don’t understand.” And he doesn’t understand because I run down the books, the writing, the author but seem to be held in the thrall of the story.  My defence is the Twilight series is proof a story can triumph over the bad writing.

What I have been impressed with on the soundtrack (and I have been merrily tapping away for the last week to the tunes) are the throw backs?  Is it just me or does Full Moon by The Ghosts and Iron and Wine’s (American) Flightless Bird sound like the Mamas and the Pappas.  Or am I just showing my age by even knowing who the Mamas and the Pappas are and what their music might sound like now if it were being made? Or a derivative?

The Gemini moon which renewed last night around 10:00pm has created this wonderful forward propulsion energy.  Today I have written my breastfeeding articles – for last week and this week, hacked through a whole heap of Chinese Whisperings admin back log, finally got around to reading all the Fiction Friday stories from last week and felt bouyant about the way the week has started.  It is weeks like this which make the rest feel like utter shit!

My new moon wishes included three blogs a week … so I guess if I am truly open to the wishes of I cast  last night … I shall see you back here soon.

:o) Jodi xxxx

Redux image from The City of Beaufort

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