A Day in a Nutshell

There were so many things I wanted to write about today … the emotional fall out from watching Seven Pounds and the fact that not only did I bawl my eyes out last night, but Dave was choked up and reaching for my handfull of tissues when he watched the end today.

I wanted to write about my excitement at how Chinese Whisperings is coming together and how impressed I am with our newest writer Tina Hunter.

I wanted to write about how productive I was yesterday, getting down two hand written pages while I was at Lollyland for Fiction Friday and the badgering going on in my head from my latest character Dirk Hartog because I haven’t gone out, done my reserach and finished the story off the way he wants it.  Tough buddy – come here and wash dishes, cook dinner and help put my son to sleep and then we’ll talk about stories getting finished.  (Second thoughts I don’t think I want Dirk Hartog near my son?)

I wanted to write how as one door closes another one opens in life … and how after a six month hiatus on life, yesterday’s verdict has meant we can get back to the joy of living a free and adventurous life again. How we are in the throes of planning a holiday to the Bunya Mountains after spending time on Monday writing about The Bunya Moutains for my Write Anything weekly column.  And of 5 year old birthday parties and the intricacies of making everything happen before Dave starts his new job around the 22nd May.

I wanted to write about Ayelet Walman’s article on the Daily Mail Why it can be good to be a bad mother (which is getting so hammered or my computer is so stuffed I can’t actually create a link to it at the moment) … and the onslaught of discussion on Facebook as a consequenxe of posting the link to my profile … and all the ideas whizzing through my head after reading both the article and the discussion … the unholy trinity of Yummy Mummy, Good Mother and Super Mum. Of labels, and judgements, of children’s expectations, memories, patriachy, feminism, good, bad, ugly, love, compassion and peace.

I wanted to write about how much I am looking forward to The Chaser returning to the ABC tonight …

I wanted to write how I am slowly but surely getting the look of the template happening and the green depressing mist has been replaced with bright colourful ink splotches from a piece of Dylan’s artwork last week.  Black and white, transposed on a back drop of colour.

But some days, like today I’m just too tired.  Thankfully there’s always tomorrow.

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