Dirk Hartog

Last Friday I was visited by a Detective from a sci-fi realm.  The sort of dude I imagine leaping across the creative void from his world into mine.  And he came bearing the most inappropriate of names – Dirk Hartog. This was the character I mentioned earlier on in the week as someone I would prefer to stay away from my son.  A mother’s intuition until Hartog proves otherwise.

Why a hard arsed Detective would want the name of a 17th Century Dutch Explorer is anyone’s guess.   A little like my character Marvin Gaye – a straight laced reprodutive scientist – selling himself out to corporate greed “for the good of science.”

I used to joke in my twenties I was an arsehole magnet … maybe my skills are being used in realms I never imagined.

Who am I to question?

You can read the fledgling episodes of the Dirk Hartog series, Hartog and Derby at Writing With Passionate Abandon.

Image from University of Minnesota’s International Student Ambassador’s blog.

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