Before there was Twilight

Book sales always turn up treats! If it’s not an actual book it is the placement of certain books in certain sections (our house mate made a dig he’d found the New Testament in non-fiction when he as sure it was meant to be on the fiction table – perhaps next to L Ron Hubbards works!) Any sort of collection of second hand books is always a lot of fun for writers and readers alike.

This weekend was the Rotary Club of Wishart’s six monthly book sale. A massively scaled down version of the Lifeline Bookfest (schedule to go off next weekend) it is still fun to go and browse among the trestle tables of books.  The Rotary gatherings have at the heart of them, decommissioned books from both the State Library and the Brisbane City Council Libraries. This has the bonus of them usually being covered in contact (plastic) and thus in good nick.

This trip’s treat was a book published in 1994.

Before there was Buffy and Angel, before there was Edward and Bella or the plethora of other vampire/human couples/lovers there was

how to get a date with a vampireI kid you not!  Sadly my hastily taken photograph has cut the author’s name off – a boon for her because I’m certain this book would fall into a hall of shame in publishing! The corner sales piece says something along the likes of a vampire astrology of compatibility based on blood type.  Surely a reason to rush out and make certain you know your blood group and rh status.

And what’s with the brief case? Was a vampire boyfriend the must have accessory of the upwardly mobile woman in 1994 – obviously why I completely missed the boat. There were plenty of leaches of their own variety around that time just none with pointy teeth or satin lined capes.

What funny, obscure or downright embarrassing books have you found at a second hand book sale? What do you call a book which the library no longer wants?

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