Lifeline Bookfest Redux

Because once is never enough, we were back at the Lifeline Bookfest again today.  The bonuses being:

  1. I actually went in there to enjoy browsing (rather than having an hour tacked onto the end of Dave’s three hours browsing and my three hours of entertaining Dylan)
  2. It was the last day so hardly anyone was there
  3. Because it was the last day there were bargain galore – 1/2 price in the high quality section and $10 bags in the mid priced section.

My combined effort on the fiction front (and this is the first trip where my fiction purchases have outnumbered my non fiction purchses – yes the shift is happening!) are

pile-of-booksMy Beautiful Friend Venero Armano
Behind the Scenes at the Museum Kate Atkinson
One Richard Bach
The Forests of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley
Sahara Clive Cussler
Bachelor Kisses Nick Earls
Head Games Nick Earls
The Bride Stripped Bare Anonymous/Nikki Gemmel
Shiver Nikki Gemmel
Lord of the Flies William Golding
Lovers’ Knots Marion Halligan
Skinny Dip Carl Hiaasen
Lightning Dean Koontz
Quiver Tobsha Lerner
Leaning Towards Infinity Sue Woolfe
The Secret Cure Sue Woolfe

The two books by Sue Woolfe were the the find of the fest though.  I have been looking for them in the local bookstores and have been unable to find them (they’re on the special order list) and as an impulse book buyer – special order goes against my purchasing philosophies. To find not just one, but two, was a blessing.

The Marion Halligan book looks interesting.  She is an Australia writer (as in Venero [Veny] Amarno, Nick Earles, Nikki Gemmel and Sue Woolfe!) It was the only book I picked up and kept as an unknown writer to me.  I am certain she is the same “Marion” my writing friends were talking about at our last meeting – but maybe I’m wrong.

I was pleased to discover Quiver by Tobsha Lerner is 12 interlaced short stories.  I read her book The Witch of Colgna and after writing the article at Write Anything on writing sex scenes, I’ve been keen to get some of her erotic fiction. Paul commented earlier tonight if I wished I had written all the 10 stories in Chinese Whisperings … given the idea for the anthology seeded from my desire to write my NaNo project as interwoven short stories in 2007 but Iwas afraid I wasn’t up to the task.  And the idea never went away. Now I’m seriously contemplating it for NaNo 09, so will be reading Quiver with much anticipation to see how one writer achieves it.

The Forests of Avalon is an anomaly of a book.  It was first printed as The Forest House (and this is the version I read ten years ago). It was reprinted as The Forests of Avalon No wonder I was totally bamboozled trying to track down Forest House. I’ve now discovered that The Priestess of Avalon which I picked up and then put down again is a different book.  Oh well. I bought Forests… for the wedding scene – to refresh my memory for something I want to insert into a short story (currently unnamed) I am working on. Now I’m wondering if it was in The Priestess of Avalon – well obviously only one way to find out.

With 14 books there – I have guaranteed reading for the next seven months at this rate … not counting the pile of books already on my night stand.

(1000 words a day: I’ve just made it over again today between my two blog postings here and the additional bits written for my Type A Mom article.  Tomorrow I can go and play fiction!)

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