Musings on Fiction Friday for this Week

fiction fridayIt is Thursday.  This time last week I had a clear vision in my head of what I was going to write for Fiction Friday.  This week I’m struggling – not with having no idea, but too many ideas.  The prompt:

Include this line in your story – The piano accordian player slumped forward.

Annie who is providing the prompts for [Fiction] Friday in the month of June, told me when I got a sneak peak a few weeks ago of the prompts, she wanted me to write about Celia … who I graced the very first FF this year.  I keep meaning to get back to her story, but as luck would have it, this year has been fertile ideas and lots of new characters have coming knocking on my door to share their stories.

Celia is patient though.  Her story has been in a holding pattern since 2000 when I first ventured to a short story writing class and a rather awful backstory came out.  After Googling “air raids Germany” I’ve come up with the final pieces of Celia’s story, the problem is however, I would love to do a little more research before I start writing. Even when I remind myself, first draft, no editing, blood on the paper.  The research will be simply filling in the details after all.  So Celia’s story it will be this week, if I can find the time among the birthday party preparations.

Which leaves Dirk Hartog one very unhappy character.  I tried really hard to wind an accordian player into Hartog’s world … I really did.  I even came up with a Gary Larson kind of take, where by criminals were forced to make and carry piano accordians for their punishment .. but it was just a little bit silly.  However, remove the piano accordian and I *do* have Hartog’s story for this week.

It is just a matter of trying to make Hartog understand he’s not number one dog around here … I have a small man who is so excited about his first ever birthday party, a holiday to pack and plan for, a kindy disco to go to tomorrow night, flights to book for later this month, a sponge bob squarepants cake to make … oh and the list goes on. At least you get where I am coming from.  Hartog will understand sooner or later – he has to share!

3 thoughts on “Musings on Fiction Friday for this Week

  1. Lots of ideas is a good position to be in, but it gets a bit frustrating when you don’t have time to make the most of them.

    I want to do Fiction Friday tonight; I have a few images in my head but no character. This is if I find time tonight. I’m going to be looking after a sick partner.


  2. I hope between playing Nurse Nightingale (who apparently was actually a terrible nurse but a great organiser and champion of public health!) you get a chance to write. I have the story in my head – finding the time is the shocker today. though I have all the party food made which can be made ahead of time … I have still to create sponge bob – from a sponge and paint him and his ripped pants for a patch the tail on sponge bob game for tomorrow.

    Oh .. and off to shake my tail feather at the kindy disco before any of this can happen.

    No wonder a new contact at a writing forum asked me yesterday “how do you do it all”???


  3. I should do. I only need to put aside less than half an hour after all. I brought home Orange M&Ms so I’m in the good books.

    Yeah, I have wondered how you do it all too! I barely find enough time to look after myself some days.


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