Heading West

It will be quiet around here for the next week as we all head off to the Bunya Mountains on holiday.  Only a few weeks ago I wrote in my Write Anything column about Writer’s Paradise – how one of my phan’tasytical writing places is the Bunya Mountains.  It is wonderful what you manifest with your thoughts … voila a few weeks later we’re heading off there.

We had contemplated an overseas holiday and decided it was too much energy and effort, we were looking for a quite relax.  And I am glad for the decision.  I’ve spent the entire day in bed with a horrendous head cold. I knew it was coming but had been fighting it off all week while I prepared Dylan’s birthday party (which was a huge success and worth the time and effort put in!)

My plan is to get some writing done, enjoy a good book by the fire and all the other trapping of a family holiday.  I am hoping to get a couple of stories re-written. The Bunya’s seems to be a good place to tackle a rewrite for Light Years and for the unnamed novella which starts with the Lea and Stamford stories. And I will be taking along both my previous NaNo projects for a read over. Neither have had an eye cast over them since the end bell of the November write-a-thon!

And good news – I got a story edited up and submitted into the Editor Unleashed/Smash Words competition. I was the 251st entry which means a little over 1 in 6 chances of winning a spot. First prize in $500 and there are another 39 prizes of $25 and publication in an anthology. I like my story, it cuts in interesting directions and got glowing comments from both Edwina and Paul.  So fingers crossed.

But for now … the bear went over the mountain …

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