Back in the Saddle Again

With nine minutes left before I head off to bed, after a full day of writing, I thought I’d stop in here and try and offer up some original content.

I didn’t realise how recharging the two weeks in Cairns was.  This morning I sat down, vaguely appraised my to do list (will be more of a stickler tomorrow) and then set myself half hour time blocks to get it done. I loved the fact that showering and making my bed were the kick offs and managed to start the day achieving something!

Then it was time to do my editor’s comments for story #6 of the Chinese Whisperings anthology.  It was only when Benjamin Solah popped up on twitter that I remember my Write Anything article.

On the back of one of Tuck’s tweets from the Fourth Fiction competition, I had an idea to explore the power of book covers having read something a few weeks ago about how they’re considered an essential part of an eBook – just like a normal book. Part of me also wanted to have a bit of a dib at Tuck.

As I was writing, researching, taking down notes, putting down my own reflections and trying to put it all together in some cohesive form I had the distinct feeling I was missing something. It is often the way when things don’t easily gel when I write non fiction, or when there is no distinctive hook at the beginning of an article.

Checking my email later on in the afternoon and considering a new launch date for the Chinese Whisperings website I saw that today was designated a Eureka day in Mystic Medusa’s Astrology Guide for 2009. Ha! So much for flash insights.  My article was mired down in crap – sinking, choking and drowning in its own crap.

I had promised Dylan and his friend who was over for the afternoon to play, a trip to the park. And it was on the trip to the park that I got the flash insight. The fact that book covers and their contents are two different things – advertising and content/product.  Voila!

The idea perculated while I prepared dinner and as it cooked I resurrected my article, managing to reweave some.  A lot of the original article remains unpublished and is at least another two posts worth – either here on or Write Anything in the coming weeks. While I wasn’t originally keen to go to the park, I’m glad that I did. As always a walk or some kind of repetitive activity helped to unfreeze the cogs in my head and allow some critical/creative thought to happen.

I’m always in thrall of author Lilith Saintcrow – who I follow both on Twitter and Facebook. I love her recipes and the way she uses baking/cooking as a creative adjunct to writing. I’m going to take a page out of her book this week and bake something – not sure what. In time to share with my friends in at Writing Group on Thursday.

Tomorrow in between going to see Ice Age 3 – there’s my breastfeeding article to write for the week, story #5 to finish critting for Chinese Whisperings and some Take Five questions to start considering – especially if I want the other writers at Chinese Whisperings to get there bios etc in order. Oh and I have been thinking about doing a round up from Fourth Fiction – but might wait until the ten day stretch has completed and before the next one starts. There’s word there will be another video on the 14th of the month. Hold on – that’s tomorrow for me – well tomorrow will be writing a round up then.  Bugger!

I have to say – I did love having a public poke at Tuck in my WA column today! It appeals to some part of me which likes having a go at people who’ve been making a habit of poking at others – in a number of nasty ways also.  I’ll probably live to regret it.  Gratefully all contestants at FF only have four tweets a day.

And yes – the image to go with this post is totally inappropriate (a partially dressed woman madly threatening a computer with a hammer might have been a little closer to the target) but I loved the fact this is one of the image which came up when I punched “back in the saddle” into google images.  About as appropriate an accompanying image as one of Gene Autry and a guitar!

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