This Weeks Goals

goal-smSo impressed at the start of this month with Benjamin Solah’s list of monthly goals and so bloody overwhelmed at this point by all the writing ahead of me and so underwhelmed by the goals I set for myself at the start of the year – I’ve decided to trial for a couple of weeks publicly posting  my goals for the week.

Well actually, it’s really just a glorified to do list. I’ll return and mark them off as they’re done. Normally I’d write this sort of thing in my diary and forget about it!

1. Write and post my Write Anything column

2. Write up my experiences of Byron Bay Writers Festival

3. Write my breastfeeding column

4. Resign my position as Breastfeeding Editor

5. Email Kate Eltham of Queensland Writers Centre in regards to eMergent Publishing

6. Critique the stories for class on Thursday

7. Finish this draft of Graceville for class on Thursday

8. Finally write up my discussions with Constantine about Fourth Fiction (decided these were so out of date now given we’re a round into the competition and Dan Powel has been doing some pretty hard core critiquing of the entries.)

9. Find a replacement writer for Chinese Whisperings

10. Finish Skinny Dip so I can move onto my swag of books from the Writers Festival

11. Book sessions for the Brisbane Writers Festival.

Monday: I marked one off (WA column) – and have written several posts about Byron … so I could almost cross two off – but I wont. Have also contacted Paul about the need for a new CW writer.

Tuesday: got onto finding a new writer – and as always happens Paul waved his magic wand and found someone. This was all done after getting just about no sleep – which is why it’s a good thing Paul was in charge of it.

Thursday: did the last crazy dash down the line to get all of the stuff done for class. Including having a suitable re-write available for next months crit class. And spoke in person to Kate Eltham after class last night and got the name of an accountant who can help us out with eMergent … and she accepted an invite for lunch to discuss the project further – woo hoo!

Saturday: wrote my opening paragraph for Fourth Fiction and a short vignette for Fiction Friday – both not on my to do list!

Sunday: finished Skinny Dip. Did the final re-write on my Write Anything article. Two in the one week!

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