Weekly Writing Goals

goal-smGoals for this week:

1. Write my breastfeeding article. (Monday)

2. Resign from breastfeeding position.  undecided still on this course of action.

3. Book sessions for Brisbane Writers Festival.

4. Join Linked In.

5. Join Australian Writers Market Online.

6. Set up the official Chinese Whisperings emails and links

7. Post all the introductions blog posts for the next nine days. waiting for two more but all the rest done.

8. Critique two stories for crit group. (Monday) They have both been read but critiques pending.

9. Clean desk before the new Moon (Thursday)

10. Finish True Story of Butterfish

11. Re-write Light Years.

12. Write Fourth Fiction article

13. Write Fourth Fiction opening paragraph (Thursday)

14. Write Write Anything column (Sunday)

15. Set up new email address and email everyone. What a pain in the bum!

16. Get this blog hosted on my domain. though I have now discovered I have to rejig the template – argh!

17. Read and make comments on Jason’s story.

18. Look over and comment on Benjamin’s story. (newly added Thursday)

19. Read and comments for Edwina’s Spirituality Chapter. (newly added Thursday)

Last week I managed to achieve all my goals but three – making it my books a successful experiment and worth replicating this week.

I was most impressed with having finished the second half of the novel I was reading Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen – more than 200 pages.  It is amazing what happens when you begin to prioritise things. (Book review pending!)

This week at the top are the three things I didn’t manage to get to (which I may have had I not had Dylan home with me sick all week!)  I’m also tackling a few things – Linked in and AWMO which have been on my to do list for months, as well as using the dark moon energy to go on the cull/clean.

I also need to be mindful that there is a possible interruption of internet service when we go over to our new provider on Thursday.

Monday: Read two stories of the critiquing stories and made notes.  Wrote draft of Fourth Fiction article. Post up half the CW stuff. Started setting up the email accounts for CW.

Tuesday: Fourth Fiction article re-write and OK from Constantine re: his quotes and posted up. Read up on Benjamin’s latest blog posts and came across a great article about short stories. Got the blog hosted on the domain – just need to sort out a new template for it. Half Way through the True Story of Butterfish (awesome!) Came across an article about Max Barry’s online serial being picked up for publication.

Wednesday: Got breastfeeding article written and posted up.  Reviewing my decision about resigning my position there. Joined up Linked In – feel a bit like a fraud but that’s OK! Got all the CW emails created, redirected and the links in the website sorted out. Got an email about AWMO but need the credit card details to sign up.

Thursday: Cancelled current ISP and then had the joy of contacting everyone, plus working out how to make my domain email work with my email program. Got the desk area tidied – three hours epic.  But it feels good! Agreed to look over some work for Benjamin.  Graceville critique arrived back from Edwina.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals

  1. Oh it will just be this … but at jodicleghorn.com LOL. I’m a bit busy at the moment to have a crack at redesigning this. Thus why I love to hang out on the Chinese Whisperings site… it looks schmick!


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