Leo New Moon Creative Space

Writing SpaceEvery dark moon I try hard to get my creative space clean, cleared, smudged and made beautiful again.  While I’m still working on curtains for this space (which I began in January 2008 – nothing like getting things done in a hurry!) and dying to put my up my fairy lights (which can’t go up until the curtains are done) I did finally managed to shift the Mt Everest sized piles of horizontal filing which have been accumulating on my desk for – I don’t know how long.

When Dave was job hunting he sort of unofficially took over my desk and I moved to the end of the kitchen table.  While I’m generally not too fussy about where I work – there is something inspiring and grounding about having a clear, visually (but not too) appealing space in which to work and create.Writing Altar

So as I trudge off to bed – I’m glad I can see my desk top again.  Glad I have another gorgeous writing altar (you will notice Mabel has made a descent from higher up on the book shelves to the altar – she wanted to be there and anyone who knows the story of Mabel – knows that Mabel gets what she wants!). Glad to notice my bamboo has lovel new green shoots on it.

1 thought on “Leo New Moon Creative Space

  1. Pretty!

    I like having a clear desk, and cleaning seems to motivate me to write so perhaps in the spirit of this post, I’ll do a clean up on Sunday because my nice desk has become a bit cluttered.


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