Weekly Goals

goal-smLast week I got some and none done, given the fact my son had a TV fast for the week, meaning I had to get really creative with how I approached my time!  So there were no weekly goals.

Here we go for this week – a bit late but that’s OK …

1. Join Australian Writers Online Marketplace

2. Write and post Type A Mom article

3. Write and post Write Anything article

4. Post CW stuff for week one

5. Edit/comment on Edwina’s chapter.

6. Read all the stories for crit class.

7. Crit three of the stories for class next week.

8. Book session for Brisbane Writers Festival

9. Read and comment on Fourth Fiction installments.

10. Vote for Fourth Fiction

11. Write [Fiction] Friday

12. Revise Light Years

13. Revise Mercurial

14. Contact SMH contacts about Homebirth Rally on Monday

15. Write month in review

16. Kreativ Award blog post

17 Honesty Award blog post

18 Fix the bloody template on this blog

19 Redirect http://www.jodicleghorn.com here

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