Honest Scrap Award

After a very long hiatus between blog awards I got two last weeks.  A sure fire sign I am sinking my fingers back into the rich humus of blogging again … and finding like minded writers to cavort about the virtual writing world.

Fellow Fourth Fiction fiend Dan Powell from Dan Powell – Fiction nominated me for the honest scrap award. The award is passed on to bloggers who post from the heart. He had awarded it to me for my honesty in all things writing.  Thanks Dan!

The rules for receiving the award are simple:

  1. pass the award on to seven worthy blogs
  2. list ten honest things about yourself.

Dan Powell’s Dan Powell Fiction: as good a place to start. I am challenged in good ways by Dan’s honest and unfliching critiques which continue to thrust me forward on the road of evolution as a writer and editor. Thanks Dan!

Paul Anderson’s Once Upon a Time in the West of London: I have known Paul for almost two years now, and not only is he my business and writing partner, he’s one of my closest and dearest friends. His recent posts about his diagnosis and travel through depression show Paul never shies away from opening up and showing both the glorious and dark spaces of himself.

Annie Evett’s Annie’s Musings: Again, Annie is a close friend and writing partner on numerous projects. Annie’s honesty falls in all areas of her life – best represented by her writing whereby her integrity insists she write the story of ALL characters who come to her and to share an honest version of the story bestowed on her. Not an easy thing to do given the calibre of character who often visits her.

Benjamin Solah’s Benjamin Solah – Marxist Horror Writer:It is rare to come across someone so young (I’m allowed to say that Ben because you’re younger than me) who takes the time to be well read, to think deeply on complex issues and to provide honest, well thought out, passionate and well constructed writing. May you continue to keep true to your belief’s Ben – the world needs more youth like you.

Constantine Markides’ Fourth Night: as the host of Fourth Fiction he’s been entirely upfront about the reasons for hosting the first ever blog based reality TV show for writers. You can’t help but admire a man who says it’s really all about him, when it would be easy to take a higher path of – well promoting others! The small amounts of his writing I did get to read before Fourth Fiction moved into the Fourth Night space showed  both depth and honesty.

Edwina Shaw’s Writing, Reading, Living: I credit so much of where I am in the world today as a writer and editor to Edwina who invited me along to her writer’s group last year, after seeing my secret desire to write for years. Her honest appraisal of my work has taken some “raw talent” and helped shape it, I hope, into something far more polished. Not only does Edwina tell it how it is, she writes it how it is, exploring themes in her fiction and non fiction writing with a brutal honesty needed in this world.

Emma Newman’s Post Apocalyptic Publishing: Emma writes with a depth of passion, personal insight and often times self deprecating honesty that you cannot help but love her for it and want to champion her on the journey towards publication. I love the stolen moments in life where you just click with someone – knowing you’ve found a kindred soul. May the birds of a feather continue to flock together Emma, to soar and share their songs.

Now- ten honest things about me:

  1. I sometimes find it easier to say “I don’t know” to my son’s questions than to take the long rambling road to answering them … and then fret this is why children grow up believe their parents are dumb and know nothing.
  2. I listen to the same CD/album to death – to the frustration of my partner who likes variety. Perhaps I should tell him it is OK – at least I haven’t inflicted The Twilight Soundtrack on him for the past six months, keeping it for my writing time … and that we’ve made strict rules about ABBA.
  3. I bite my nails … I wish I didn’t, but a life time habit is hard to break. At least I don’t do it when I am writing. Note to self: write more drive less.  Grow your nails longer …
  4. I almost always take not just the path less trod, but the path choked with undergrowth, barb wire fences, traversing lofty peaks and littered with landmines just to ensure it is also not the easist path. I blame it on having been born in the year of the grey ox.
  5. I can’t give up sugar.I did for four months earlier this year – and felt great AND lost weight, but I fell off the wagon and it sped away without me. I’m still running to catch up, but first I must stop to finish this pocket full of chocolate before it melts and is wasted.
  6. I find it impossible to say no to people. A generosity of soul can also be the death knell of it. I’m still searching for balance (no wonder the Tarot card of Temperance remainds blue-tacked to my writing wall!)
  7. I wish I had hair like my Leo soul sister. Maybe I just want Leo hair.  And some how think it is dirty, shallow and wrong to covet hair of others – or just a life time of good hair days. I care about World Peace too!
  8. I probably open up and am too honest about lots of things in my life … and always worry when I write that I insert too much of myself into it.  Especially when writing non fiction – because at the end of the day, even with Aries rising, it is not ‘all about me.’
  9. I can’t wait to give up non fiction writing – but the time isn’t right just yet (but wish the hell it was) AND I wish I was making some money from it. Oh well – there’s always the fall back of “it’s exposure, it’s good practise” blah blah blah…
  10. I want Chinese Whisperings to be a resounding success. I really would be a masochist on the path hardest and least trod if I wanted only a luke warm reception of it and mediocre sales.

6 thoughts on “Honest Scrap Award

  1. As I said – I’m allowed to call you young because chronologically you are quite a few years behind me!

    And to the best of my knowledge you are also the youngest person on my blogroll – which will go back up when I sort out my bloody template. I hate the look of this one 😦


  2. I appreciate it, Jodi. I’m in good company here. I feel especially honored to be the one who gets the award for being honest about the lack of selflessness and the self-promotion… It’s not the most commendable variety of honesty, but I’ll take it.

    Benjamin, I’d say the tipping age is 25. Before that, one likes being called older. After that one likes being called younger.


  3. You are as always spot on Constantine – now I just seem to forget my age and have to stop and do some counting to remember. I used to think it was all an act on my parents part when they did the same, but now it just seems age “is” and therefore you don’t need to keep numerical stock of it. There are better ways to define oneself than with a number.

    I found it entirely refreshing how upfront you were about your motivations for creating Fourth Fiction. Paul and I are the same about Chinese Whisperings. It was all about us getting published at the end of the day – and we happened to invite eight other writers to do it with us. The bigger publishing plans are even less selfless – which is about making money so we can write in the long term.


    • I rarely remember my birthdays. I’m usually reminded only when I’m filling something out and I have to write the date. As for making money to write in the long term, as Samuel Johnson said: “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” (not the most elegant phrasing, but you get the gist…)


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