#2 Cubby House

You honestly never know what you will find in people’s back yards. I’m not one to go poking but when you’re invited to go out and have a look … well ….

My sister took me with her this afternoon to a friend’s house to get our hair coloured for the wedding on the weekend (my sister’s wedding – not mine!) and this was what was in the backyard. I’ve never seen anything like it and pretty sure I’ll never see another. So much for the photo of  the sushi I had for lunch and the movie tickets from our cavort to see Aliens In the Attic.

3 thoughts on “#2 Cubby House

  1. That’s awesome. Was it build from scratch? I think I had a cubby house briefly as a kid… but it was never impressive as the base we made around the side of the house from a play pen and roofing over the top of it.


  2. You’ve just created a whole flood of memories – I remember us having “bases” as kids – before I even realised it was a military term (it only just occured to me then).

    Yes this was made from scratch by the lady’s husband.

    We never had a “proper cubby house”. We used under the trampoline as one, then when we moved to the country we reclaimed the old dairy with it’s pile of carpet, underlay and rats as our space, along with some groovy cyprus trees which had a flat bit we could climb into, plus space below them to play house in.


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