#4 Beginnings


Today we’re celebrating a week of having Joss Tait with us.

This time last week I was with my soul sister, my little brother and my Goddaughter enjoying the arrival of a little boy into our extended families. Joss was born in the loungeroom of his home, by candlelight, with his Dad, big sister, his Mum’s midwife and me in attendance. I look forward to sharing more of the photos from the birth to show the beauty, the powerful and the peaceful nature of homebirth AND why homebirth is the gold standard of maternity care.He arrived after two and a half hours of active labour.

As an aside, found out today a writer I’ve just started working with, is also a homebirth Mum.

4 thoughts on “#4 Beginnings

  1. Just uploaded more pics of the boy on Facebook. Want to get my hands on the photo discs from the birth and showcase a couple of them.

    I’m chuffed to know you guys are a homebirth family also – perhaps accounts for that instant affinity when I read your work and we started to exchange emails.


  2. Hi Jodi,
    You look like an extremely happy auntie! I am enjoying your posts and I look forward to reading more of your homebirth articles when they come. I met you at the rally after we caught the transfer bus together and had a cup of tea in parliament house. I don’t think I told you my name or shared my website, but I kept your card.
    Jennifer McCormack


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