#5 Endless


This is the corridor from hell.  I had a moment whereby I thought I was stuck in the hotel from The Shining.  All those doors and a corridor which seemed to go on forever. It’s actually the way to the hotel suite I’m staying in tonight with my Mum, my nephew and neice in preparation for my sister’s wedding tomorrow.

Relieved to finally snap a “lighting” shot – after seeing all the groovy ones Ben’s been taking.

4 thoughts on “#5 Endless

  1. They’re hotel room doors. I’ll have to step it out to see just how long it is – freaky! And yes – agreed it would make a great prompt – felt like I was in one of my own macabre short stories.

    Exposure was compliments of my shitty mobile camera Chris – it pulls some interesting shots sometimes.


  2. Hi Jodi,
    just had to say… my first thought on seeing the corridor was the film’ The Shining’
    Love the picture… everytime I look… it makes me feel as if the little girls on their three wheelers are about to drive from the bottom of the corridor… very atmospheric… as you say, it also made me feel as if I too was in one of my own horror stories… Fab!!
    Thanks for sharing…

    Kind regards Jane.


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