#13 A Candle for Emma and Chloe


I got an email from a friend in Canada today to say she had finally gone into labour after a long wait. She asked us to light a candle for her and her daughter on their birthing journey (this is a relatively common tradition among homebirthing women!)  My sister searched out a white candle and the three of us (my sister Lisa, my niece Kira and myself) lit it together.

I specifically chose not to cut out the kitchen bench and assorted bits and pieces as Emma is birthing at home and hoping to have her new daughter in her arms in time for the breastfeeding event she’s organised on her front lawn!

2 thoughts on “#13 A Candle for Emma and Chloe

  1. I am proud to have been a part of this beautiful pic above. Including my untidy kitchen bench!
    I send all my love to Emma on this night, below the full moon, all the way from Cairns Australia! Joyous Birthing to you Emma! May your life be filled with the joy of a beautiful healthy baby….


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