#16 Flat


I’ve always had this weird niggling fear about getting a flat on the way to the airport. Well I don’t have to worry anymore – we had the flat tyre today. We were not more than five minutes from my sister’s place, gratefully running well ahead of time when there was a weird hissing sound and then the unmistakenable thunk of a flat.

No we didn’t change it – my brother-in-law was close by on his way home and helped pull it off.  Though there were at least four offers in a very short space of time for assistance. Who says chivallry is dead.

I love the reflection of my sister and the road  in the side of the car. I didn’t even realise it was there when I took it – was more focused on the very sad looking tyre.

2 thoughts on “#16 Flat

  1. Yes that was the first and last flat on the way to the airport (here’s hoping).
    I reckon we could have changed it had Steve not been close by, I was well on my way to having that flat tyre under control.
    Levi thought it was pretty funny, watching mummy and Aunty Jodi, empty out the boot of the car onto the side of the road to get the spare out.
    Good old holden, I have had that ca for almost 4 years and that is the first flat tyre…
    We are off to the tyre shop today to get some new mags and tyres, won’t be getting a flat again for a while…
    Imagine if that had of happened on the way to the wedding???
    OMG what a disaster that would have been….


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