#20 Jacaranda Blue


Driving up the road the first morning we were home from Cairns, the first thing I noticed was the Jacaranda trees were in bloom. The magnficent purple blue trees figure prominently in my Blue Melissae novel from last year. My MC has had her memory wiped and all she knows is the fragrance of the Jacaranda’s makes her feel uncomfortable.  It is no suprise they are in bloom in the month in the lead up to NaNo!

This was taken in Ascot  (the most expensive suburb in Brisbane) after we’d had lunch at an old favourite restaurant.  There are lots of old trees in the area and the perfect place to try and get a good photo of a Jacranda. As fate would have it – the light was atrocious so I’m still on the prowl for the perfect purple blue photo.

Incidentally, the lady who owned the house in the photo came out looking rather fierce at me. I yelled to her “You have beautiful Jacaranda Tree” and walked off.  I think she thought I was casing her house.


One thought on “#20 Jacaranda Blue

  1. Well you need to go out with Lara. She can spot a Jacaranda miles away. We’ve even transformed an old favourite playschool song which now goes:

    “There’s a Jacaranda here,
    And a Jacaranda there,
    And a Jacaranda here,
    And a Jacaranda there,
    There are lots of Jacarandas in the air,
    It’s a Jac-a-ran-da day”


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