#24 Gastronauts Plight


It could seem my ambition to grow up to be a gastronaut has taken a fatal detour when you consider my current life style  accomodates toast and vegemite for lunch, taken on my bed while editing.  But I’m still hopeful.

PS: the plight is made worse by the fact the camera focused on the plate and not the toast and I didn’t bother to take a second snap – oh well! It makes it look far less appetising than it actually was.

3 thoughts on “#24 Gastronauts Plight

  1. I take it you are a big fan of toast and vegemite. It’s my true comfort food.

    And gastronaut is a word I made up – means someone who travels around the world and eats. The furthest I have been in New Zealand – but the food was amazing.


  2. I happen to love it too, just don’t happen to loathe any mention of it in the news regarding its name as if it’s a world wide crisis 😛

    I like the sound of that. The food is totally half the reason people travel overseas.


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