#29 Blue Melissae


Last year for NaNo I started sci-fi manuscript which ended up being called “Blue Melissae” which became a fusion of lots of thoughts I had running around at the time – from Goddess worship, to neuroscience and men with awesome tattoos.  The characters of Shet Harmon and Karu came to me in a dream – which is much morphed from the humble beginnings.

I’ve decided to complete the manuscript this year for NaNo and decided it would be a good idea to reacquaint myself with the major charactes again and the society which Karu belongs to – thus the printed off copy.  Last year I had just hit my stride with the story when it was time to end – so I’m hoping like hell I can pick it up again and run towards the line with it.


3 thoughts on “#29 Blue Melissae

  1. No I’ve done no editing Chris – it has been sitting on my hard drive since the final day of writing last year. deserves better.

    I’m hoping to spend next year editing it. The writing association I belong to runs a course called “Year of the Edit” and considering doing it to get it edited up and ready for submission somewhere. That is when I’m not crushed with indecision and doubt about how good it is, might be, could be, will be – lol!


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