#31 Breast Cancer Awareness


I had the honour of attending a Pink Ribbon morning tea today in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Awarness Month. Guest speaker was Mark Wood who lost his wife to breast cancer – who spoke with elegance, humour and great emotion about his wife’s battle with breast cancer. He said breast cancer had been a death sentence for his wife, but a life sentence for his daughter, friends and family (and all those who he speaks to and touches with his message)

Take a moment to look at the statistics I scrawled in my diary while Mark was talking. Breast cancer is one of the most prolific cancers. I paused to think of all the women and families who I know who have been touched by breast cancer and was astounded how many I know of  – both young and old. Including a uni friend who recently had both her breasts removed and is undergoing chemo – it’s been a while since we chatted Ailsa but you’re certainly not forgoten.

The biggest message I took home from the morning tea and Mark’s talk – 90% of women who are diagnosed with cancer have NO FAMILY HISTORY of the disease! This puts breast cancer on the radar of every woman and every man who loves a woman.

Thanks to Lenore – one of the kindy Mums for giving us the opportunity to be there this morning.


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