#33 New Office Space


This morning I dropped Dylan and my Dad at kindy, Dave to work in South Brisbane with his esky full of bugs and the like from his field trip to Roma so I ducked around the corner to The Three Monkeys cafe in West End before I had to pick up something for lunch and collect Dylan and Dad from kindy again.

There is something almost magical about writing in a space like The Three Monkeys – exotic.  The Arctic Fire tea was superb, as was the lemon tart (one of my favourites). What I loved most was the lamp in the background.  The place has a unique ambience and without a power point easily found it ws a race against the battery in my lap top.

In just under 90 minutes (and with battery to spare) I edited Gargoyles’ Revenge ready for writers group on November 12th.  It wasn’t my intention to work on this – Summer Girl was my intended target, but when I came across GR in my document list – it seemed like a good place to start on a day when there wasn’t a whole lot of time.

I’m very excited to (almost) have four stories ready to send out by the end of the year.

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