#36 Heart Break


On the weekend I revamped my vegie garden, including planting out lettuce seedlings to replace their grown friends which needed to be pulled out.  This morning this is what’s left of my cos babies.

Yeo – my suspicions were confirmed – the local possum(s) have discovered my vegie garden. Grrrr! The icebergs in the row next door fared no better, nor the oakleaves further down the row with the cos. *sigh* I don’t mind them nibbling on the parsley – after all I’m not a fan, but I don’t want them devouring my lettuces or the celery, which on closer inspection they’d had a go at too..

Thankfully they appear not to be terribly interested in anything else … at this stage. Time to put my thinking cap on and see if my need to keep my vegies in one piece, outstrips the possums need to shred and devour them.


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