Words for Money

moneyI’m off to have a coffee discussion about the possiblity of me doing some paid writing – web content – for a local company here in Brisbane. It was a referral from a twitter associate. This was well timed as I was able to point out to my partner, Twitter is in fact not a waste of time and I am a sensible user of the social platform (I’m not sure just how much mileage I will get if I keep pushing this point though.)

Yesterday I collected up a folio of my web writing to date – outside of blogging.  This is where I had the terrible stabbing moment of realisation – if I was going to be honest about all the work I had done – Reclaim Sex After Birth was going to need to be in there. I never envisaged at the time of creating RSAB I would be using some of the content on the site to sell myself for a paid job. As Paul pointed out though – it shows I can write with maturity and without embarrassment on any subject.  That is true … but I will feel a tad uncomfortable about presenting it.

November is probably not the best month to be taking on any additional work, but I have my eye on the future.  Phil is planning on moving out in three weeks so that will be the last we see of his rent money. Dave also took a massive pay cut when he got his new job. And there’s Christmas coming up – which also coincides with a raft of birthdays, a wish for us to go to Victoria for part of the summer and our car registration.  So the money obviously wouldn’t go astray.  And furher into the future – Dylan is at school full time next year, which means bigs shifts and changes for me, and the amount of time available to me every week. If I “worked” two days a week, I would still be ahead on the available time I have at the moment.

I will put my best foot forward and try not to be swallowed up by either embarrassment or nerves.  It is seven years since I last was interviewed for a job (a Xmas position at The Body Shop) and I last worked for money six year ago in a PCYC vacation care programme.  I have it very clear in my mind why I would want this work – and it is not entirely about money, but a lot to do with networking, meeting other people, working outside of the home and the satisfaction which might come from it. After all – it has to be better than creating content (for free) for others to grow their internet empires. It wont be forever … eMERGENT will one day soon be pulling us in an income.


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