#35 Beach Baby


We disappeared up to Sutton’s Beach (Redcliff) this afternoon. I would have loved to have taken a photo of my toes poking out of the water as I floated in sea bliss, but didn’t want to risk the phone in the water – call me lacking in adventure. I felt tired and shaken up like an champagne bottle (ready to explode) the time on the beach and water allowed me to detox the negativity and come home feeling refreshed – and a good sort of tired.

In the foreground of the mess called our “space on the beach” is Blue Melissae. It was the perfect place to get lost in the world of Shet and Karu. I will definitely have reached the end by the time Sunday comes – actually hoping to get there midweek.

#36 Heart Break


On the weekend I revamped my vegie garden, including planting out lettuce seedlings to replace their grown friends which needed to be pulled out.  This morning this is what’s left of my cos babies.

Yeo – my suspicions were confirmed – the local possum(s) have discovered my vegie garden. Grrrr! The icebergs in the row next door fared no better, nor the oakleaves further down the row with the cos. *sigh* I don’t mind them nibbling on the parsley – after all I’m not a fan, but I don’t want them devouring my lettuces or the celery, which on closer inspection they’d had a go at too..

Thankfully they appear not to be terribly interested in anything else … at this stage. Time to put my thinking cap on and see if my need to keep my vegies in one piece, outstrips the possums need to shred and devour them.

#33 New Office Space


This morning I dropped Dylan and my Dad at kindy, Dave to work in South Brisbane with his esky full of bugs and the like from his field trip to Roma so I ducked around the corner to The Three Monkeys cafe in West End before I had to pick up something for lunch and collect Dylan and Dad from kindy again.

There is something almost magical about writing in a space like The Three Monkeys – exotic.  The Arctic Fire tea was superb, as was the lemon tart (one of my favourites). What I loved most was the lamp in the background.  The place has a unique ambience and without a power point easily found it ws a race against the battery in my lap top.

In just under 90 minutes (and with battery to spare) I edited Gargoyles’ Revenge ready for writers group on November 12th.  It wasn’t my intention to work on this – Summer Girl was my intended target, but when I came across GR in my document list – it seemed like a good place to start on a day when there wasn’t a whole lot of time.

I’m very excited to (almost) have four stories ready to send out by the end of the year.

#32 French Toast


This is the meal I look forward to all week – Cirque’s french toast with berry compote and nut praline. Yum!  Today I got to share lunch with two lovely vet students who struck up a conversation with me as I was meant to be working – they were meant to be studying.

Note: Cirque is the cafe I go to get “work” done – there are no distractions (usually).  This is where the hard writing and editing yards get put in.

#31 Breast Cancer Awareness


I had the honour of attending a Pink Ribbon morning tea today in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Awarness Month. Guest speaker was Mark Wood who lost his wife to breast cancer – who spoke with elegance, humour and great emotion about his wife’s battle with breast cancer. He said breast cancer had been a death sentence for his wife, but a life sentence for his daughter, friends and family (and all those who he speaks to and touches with his message)

Take a moment to look at the statistics I scrawled in my diary while Mark was talking. Breast cancer is one of the most prolific cancers. I paused to think of all the women and families who I know who have been touched by breast cancer and was astounded how many I know of  – both young and old. Including a uni friend who recently had both her breasts removed and is undergoing chemo – it’s been a while since we chatted Ailsa but you’re certainly not forgoten.

The biggest message I took home from the morning tea and Mark’s talk – 90% of women who are diagnosed with cancer have NO FAMILY HISTORY of the disease! This puts breast cancer on the radar of every woman and every man who loves a woman.

Thanks to Lenore – one of the kindy Mums for giving us the opportunity to be there this morning.

#30 Out of the Darkness


A certain irony has just struck me.  The title of the story being showcased on Chinese Whisperings this week is Rob Diaz’s “Out of the Darkness” and this about sums up my day.

I’ve spent the past few days falling increasingly faster down into the black abyss and desperately wanting to escape to a quiet place where I only had to look after me. While mindless watching my twitter feed scroll by there was a RT from Joanna Penn from Jane Friedman. Given the mood I was in, it seems strange I would follow a link about inspiration for writers.

What I found were profound words from Seth Godin.  So this picture is all about finding optimism … of surrendering the black thoughts and welcoming the light back in. Sadly my camera wasn’t good enough to capture both the disappearing dandelion and the gorgeous afternoon sunlight. I realise also I was so busy trying to get a good shot I forgot to blow and make a wish of my own.