#41 First Day of NaNo


After being ridiculously excited about NaNo this morning it went pear shaped pretty damn quickly. Picking up a year from when I last wrote Blue Melissae was more challenging that I thought. The story took a turn which I had not anticipated which meant going back and getting my head sorted.  So here you see me on the bed amid CD cases (decided to update my iPod music which would have been the only truly productive part of the day if it would just bloody sync with my actual iPod – grrr!), index card (Ben would be so proud of me) and looking far less frazzled than I was about an hour later.

It all worked out for the best – six hours later. I’m currently positioned on a little over 2300 words. See my next post for my actual NaNo check in.

(sorry about the fuzzy photo – my partner can’t hold the camera still enough to get a clear photo)

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