NaNo Check In: Day One

I came up with a broad list of things I want to aim for each day of NaNo. So here goes the first of 30 check ins.

  1. Up early – YES! It was 6:30am on a Sunday morning. Technically a sleep in given week days I’m aiming for 5:00am.
  2. Morning Pages – YES! I’ve done it for the other two NaNo campaigns – wouldnt have it any other way.
  3. No internet until word count reached – YES! It was a little after 6:30pm when I finally turned it back on at the power point. Would have been a much different day had it been turned on.
  4. 2000 words per day (or more) – YES. Clocked a little over 2300 words. Impressed considering the frustration levels.
  5. No sugar – NO! Given I fell asleep before I could finish the Tim Tams and the Portello last night and there were still choc chip muffins kicking around from the KOP yesterday.
  6. Walk where possible – YES! We went for a short walk up the hill and back again. It was walking out the drive way I got the scene to get the ball rolling tomorrow morning.
  7. Eat Sensibly – KINDA. Ate sensible breakfast and it went down hill from there.
  8. Maximise opportunities for creative headspace. While I was burning music I wasn’t playing music and it near did my head in.  I have to have music playing while I am writing. It was the Rolling Stones today. I also took time to mull at the washing line this morning. And there’s plenty more where that came from!

Good parts:

I went into today having gleaned yesterday afternoon the deeper theme of the novel. I knew it was there – I just couldn’t remember it.Thus I had one of the big hooks settled in my mind when I began writing today. I was also really excited and raring to go.

Bad parts:

World building. I actually had to get the index cards out and get it sorted in my mind – just how all the hierachies work and generations – and what they are alphabetically if Karu is a Delta generation. I also had to prise apart the subtle differences between Daho’s motivations and Engi’s motivations so I could then let the Council of Elders erupt in an unprecendented argument.

Picking up where I left off. I literally finished where my final thought landed last year. Unlike my habit of finishing off each day on a bit of a hook – there was nothing at the end of my manuscript. To make matters worse I had to wind Shet’s experience in with Karu’s when their minds meet for the first time. Nothing like making it really hard for yourself!

Unexpected parts:

The story took a complete weird turn. Karu almost killed (as the bats outside my window start attacking each other?) which gives Baji good reason for his disappearance, or to be hanging in the background to protect him? Daho got outsed as the Keeper of the Etheric Flow and I have a whole new set of characters – having finally named the Council of Elders – all twelve of them.


I open with a feast scene with the Empress inviting the remaining 10 council members to all get up and have a say about what to do with Karu.  I have noted on m index cards their factional alignment- but we’ll see what happens when they do actually have chance to have a say on the page?

Also need to find my notes on culture shock and note down the symptoms.

3 thoughts on “NaNo Check In: Day One

  1. You, my dear, are one inspirational lady. I began by sleeping in late. And it never occurred to me to try and eat sensibly (I mean ever, NaNoWriMo not withstanding). The upside is I’m over 2700 words by 10:30. My wife gave me the day off to write, which is good, since I know there will be days this month when I will be unable to write much, if at all. I do like the idea of index cards, I think I may nip off and grab some later today. Your story sounds complex, but also interesting. I took a different approach and set my fantasy in the Old West, so I only have to set the rules for magic. Thus far, I find I rather enjoy the pace, as I am one who normally edits as I go. It will be interesting to see if I can keep the urge to edit at bay for 30 days. I look forward to your continuing saga.


  2. 1. Up early – well, no. 7:30, but I did stay up writing until 1:00, so 7:30 was early enough.
    2. Morning pages – well, morning words, anyway.
    3. No internet until – No way! I have this little OCD thing going. I can’t Not check my e-mail and boards.
    4. 2000 wpd – I managed 3008 today, including the midnight bit, but I did have the day off. I think tomorrow will be another kettle of fish.
    5. No sugar? I’m a Splenda sort of gal anyway.
    6. Walk – yes. One hour+
    7. Eat sensibly – Yes.
    8. Creative headspace? That’s the walking time, and classical music.

    I like your check list, even though I simply couldn’t handle #3, and #5 isn’t really an issue for me. Best wishes for a successful NaNoWriMo.

    p.s. I’m sandara_bc at NaNo, and I would love to have some buddies over there.


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