NaNo Check in: Day Two

  1. Up early – YES! It was 5:00am this morning and by 9:00am I had reached my word count (in between all the other things which happen first thing in the morning)
  2. Morning Pages – YES!
  3. No internet until word count reached – YES! It went on at 9:00am and I then spent the rest of the day writing other things
  4. 2000 words per day (or more) – YES. Clocked a little over 2000 words. Did 1000 in the first hour which included cooking and eating breakfast – then everyone else got up!
  5. No sugar – NO! The sad lonely choc chip muffin left over from KOP got me. Now there is nothing left in the house to indulge in.
  6. Walk where possible – NO! Instead we went for a swim and I floated and froze.
  7. Eat Sensibly – Pretty much so. Sensible breakfast, good lunch – need to find something to segue into evening.
  8. Maximise opportunities for creative headspace. I listened to the Rolling Stones again this morning while I worked. I also spent time at the washing line, taking laundry on and off, washed dishes, cooked veal and chilli pie for dinner. Also wrote my Write Anything article on thinking and creative head space!

Good parts:

It was all over by 9:00am which meant I had time and energy to focus on writing a guest post for Jon Strother and my Write Anything article.

I also got into the head space (speaking of head spaces) of The Empress and understood better her motivations for doing what she’s doing.

Bad Parts.
I’m not entirely sold on the turn my story has taken, but after some pondering while doing laundry etc, I think I can see the story is taking a bit of a wide arc to get where I want it to go. Other than that – it was smooth sailing puttting down the 2000 words.

Unexpected Parts
I continue to be a bit flabergasted by the political angle the story has taken. Loved the fact that I thought I was going to write a big pow wow this morning, but ended up just setting up the big pow wow. Things are in major shift in the colony of the Th’Urn. Nthing like lots of tensions to make things interesting.

The dream sequences I wrote last year have already come into play and compliments of editing Paul’s story for Chinese Whisperings over the weekend, I can see how it will all fit together.

A little more of the same. I’ll get to that pow wow I think and an interlude with Baji as well maybe.

2 thoughts on “NaNo Check in: Day Two

  1. Hurray! Go Jodi.

    Funny day two parallel. I got up at 4:45am this morning and wrote. Only did 1080 before my hunger got the better of me… and then my internet temptation… but it’s not bad. Means I only have 600 words left for today and I plan to do that at Lunch.

    Good job. Keep it up.


  2. My goodness. You rock. I’m at 984 words today, which I wrote while I was working. Now I’m at home, where I should, in theory, be able to get some work done, and I’m cheating on my WIP, hanging around in Blogland. If only people wouldn’t use the term “NaNo” in their post titles, I wouldn’t be tempted to come in and see what’s happening!

    Enough of this procrastination. I have a novel to write.


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