NaNo Check In: Day Three

  1. Up early – YES! 5:00am again but the words were slow to come today.  I was pushing 10:30 before I got over the 2000 word mark.
  2. Morning Pages – YES! I think I procrastinated and wrote four today.
  3. No internet until word count reached – YES! It went on at 10:030am as I quickly checked email before racing out the door.
  4. 2000 words per day (or more) – YES. 2004 this morning and then 2490 tonight. Grand total just short of 9000 words.
  5. No sugar – Ha! Peanute brownies talked me into buying it at the shops and then the Pods at the supermarket on the way to the write in. I deserve to feel like crap!
  6. Walk where possible – I got to walk into the city from the Cultural Centre and back again. MIght have to ban myself from using my mobile too.
  7. Eat Sensibly – As usual the wheels fell off in the afternoon and just went down hill from there.
  8. Maximise opportunities for creative headspace. The late shower helped this morning – but even maximising all of this – isn’t helping.  I need to get my story to a place where it can fire all of it’s own accord.

Great stuff

Went to a “Word Race” tonight and thoroughly enjoyed the concept of “social writing” – which is really just writing with other people who all have their head phones on and head stuck in their lap top. Can’t sneeze at the word count. Just wish I had have been in a better zone to truly maximise the amount of words.

I worked out how it is possible for Karu to have passionate feelings for Shet later on and want to explore and physical relationship which is totally foreign to his kind. So tick for weird ideas and how they play out!

Crap Stuff

My story isn’t firing. I’m slowly getting it to the point where it will – but it is so bloody frustrating. Fearing it might not fire at all? And have a brand new story line for another project – but it will most definitely have to be put on hold until next year!

Weird Stuff

I guess just how things happen in the text and you have no idea how it will possibly be plausible later on and then something totally implausible happens to make the it all plausible. Confused? Welcome to my NaNo experience.

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