Check In NaNo: Day Four

Up early

– YES! 5:00am again. The words gushed forth like a geyser and I wrote 2100 words between 6:00am and 7:30 putting the final words down as I heard “snuggle Mum” come from the bedroom. I’m really feeling it though – looking forward to a 7:30am sleep in on the weekend.

Morning Pages

– YES! Kept it to three today and ironed a shirt instead to think.

No internet until word count reached

– YES! Went on at 7:30am. I wish every day could be like today.

2000 words per day (or more)

– YES. 2100 bringing me up to just over 11,000 words.

No sugar

– ALMOST! Went to visit my darling old friend Anna whose birthday it was a few weeks ago and took the obligatory tray of home made brownies (put in the oven at 8:00am!) I only took a little bit though.

Walk where possible

– NO!

Eat Sensibly

– Too busy writing this morning to remember breakfast – though we had a lovely lunch of lentils and I didn’t fall into the trap of eating crap at 3:00pm. I did however indulge in some caffeine.

Maximise opportunities for creative headspace.

– The drive to Anna’s is a little over an hour each way and I really looked forward to hitting the road with some great music and my thoughts. The problem being Captain Juan wanted to take over my creative head space and I’m so not going there during NaNo. I did come up with a few basic ideas – but really quite unimpressed with what came of more than two hours driving. Feel like I’m creatively constipated in my creative think zone!??

Great stuff

There is nothing like churning out words at a pace your typing can barely keep up with. I have struggled the past few days so it was good to get into the groove and just write.

After years of wanting to write about someone being killed using The Super Jesus’s song “Gravity” I unwittingly got my wish. Slow acting poison – and it was good bye Engi. He was meant to be one of the lead antagonist so not sure what’s going to happen how he’s keeled over poisoned.

And wonderfully – I wanted a purge of the direction of my story and one of my main characters stepped up to the mark this morning and did it for me. Thanks Baji. I think tomorrow is going to be terrible when I finally kill him – well he dies – I con’t actually “kill” him off.

Crap Stuff

It would have been good to have more time to write – but that’s OK. That’s what tomorrow and Friday are all about.

Oh and Chris Chartrand’s concept for his novel (of which I know just enough to spark my imagination and not a lot else!) kept invading my creative head space – between that and Captain Juan a girl really just doesn’t have a chance.

Weird Stuff

I had no intention of killing of Engi – but it is done now. Wondering when everyone else reaches their first “kill” – I think mine last year was about Day Four also. And like this – came totally out of the blue.


3 thoughts on “Check In NaNo: Day Four

  1. Sorry about that. You think it’s invading your head space, you should see what I’m going through. Imagine my surprise when my main character was raped in chapter 3, then had an attempt made on her life in chapter 6. Pretty lousy eighteenth birthday, no?
    Your word count is fantastic. I should top 12k by tonight. I’m finding it is hard as hell to shut my internal editor off and just write. I turned spell check off because seeing the little red underlines pop up every three or four words was pulling me out of my rhythm.

    I enjoyed your post on WriteAnything but didn’t have a chance to comment.

    Who are you voting for this week. It’s a tough one, but I think Utah edged in front by a small margin.

    Keep going, you are an inspiration.


  2. Wow! Big up respect to you! That’s most impressive.

    Chris, I too have a terrible censor problem. I find that saying the following (or something like it) out loud just before I start to write really helps:

    “I give myself permission to write complete and utter cr*p.” (just in case of over-zealous filters!)


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