Fourth Fiction Video Challenge


Fourth Fiction fiends your time has come. Want to make “Host” dance, pull his strings, press his creative buttons – now is your chance.

Since July we’ve watched Fourth Fiction creator and host Constantine Markides put the contestants through their fictional paces, with a series of literary challenges.

Now the tables are turned.

For the first time readers and fans will have the opportunity to put forward their ideas for the Fourth Fiction video. You’d already had the chance to suggest a literary challenge for the contestants, now influence the content and direction of the next Fourth Fiction video and  see if Constantine can take as good as he gives!

You are invited to put forth a series of challenges – by leaving a comment on this post. A poll will then be run to pick the favourite. Suggestions will be taken until  Tuesday evening. Voting will open Wednesday and run until Friday. Keep your eye on Twitter.

I’ll also gift the top three place getters in the poll a copy of our limited release digital anthology Chinese Whisperings: Red Book Reversed.

There is a twist though.

In keeping with the Fourth Fiction theme, you must put forward FOUR challenges and they must be somehow related. Are you up to the challenge? Constantine promises he is.


27 thoughts on “Fourth Fiction Video Challenge

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  2. Jody – I’m inspired by your technique so here it is:

    Brussel Sprouts
    Russel Crow
    Crow’s feet
    Tibetan Sky burials

    I’ll probably come up with more, but that’s one for the time being…This is fun…


    • We know those ones only too well Vasia. Thanks for stopping by. It is probably a good thing my sister doesn’t know intitimately about any of the “projects” I am involved with.

      Love your style. Going to have to check out the Tibetan Sky burials – guessing it has something to do with Crows. The other which pops into my head thinking of crows and death is Brandon Lee – as “The Crow”.


  3. Hi Jodi! This is a fantastic idea! It’s taken me quite some time to come up with a suitably eeeeevil challenge – here it is.

    They’re all related to past Fourth Fiction contestants…

    1. Walk a dog (for Fido)

    2. Visit a sex store (for Tess – if they’ll let you film there this time!)

    3. Play an instrument in public, and try and entice strangers on the street to follow you (for Omar)

    4. Wear, for the duration of the video, a t-shirt with a big pink heart and the slogan “Bring Back Tuck!!”


    • I’ve been wondering what you might come up with Little Star – was thinking about it in the shower this morning (there goes the water restrictions).

      Nice links I have to say. Can just see host crooning the streets of NYC with a band of followers.

      And it’s official I’m guessing – you’re starting up the “Bring Back Tuck” fan group – lol?

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Briliant!


      • I think I’ll start the Bring Back Tuck Counter Movement instead (c:

        Glad you liked my challenges. Though admittedly, Vanilla Ice would be totally awesome…as would libraries and lesbians and Brussel Sprouts in the Big Apple.


  4. Okay! I’m taking advantage of the fact that you’re in New York, because I love the New York Public Library.

    1. Libraries
    2. Long Island
    3. Lesbians
    4. Latin America (this one is a bit of a giveaway, I think.)


  5. Hi Jodi!

    Yes, you should definitely check out the Tibetan Sky Burial – I saw one live in Tibet once and it was pretty remarkable! Recently I had a fantasy of starting a Tibetan Sky Burial site in the states. Can you imagine?!! But sky burials actually have more to do with vultures and ravens, rather than crows (again, a drunken slip :). But I’m going to post a new challenge as I realize the one I gave him is a bit of an impossibility, unless, like he said, I fly him to Tibet.

    So, here it is:

    1. Brazilian Jujitsu (I know that HOST has done it in the past — let’s see if his old bones can handle it now 🙂
    2. New York’s Little Brazil neighborhood (OR a hot compress for aches and pains)
    3. A lesson in Portugese
    4. A Macaw parrot


    • Was he really such a horrible brother when you were kids – lol??

      While I’m recovering from gastro will check out the sky burials and see if my partner saw anything in the same ball park when he was in Tibet. He’s got an awesome photo of a small child sitting in a bundle – let there while his mother ducked back into the house to get something. Love it!

      I was sooo looking forward to votes for your Russell Crowe one – he had a band years ago called “40 odd foot of grunt” – makes you ashamed to be an Aussie!


      • No, he was a great brother, with occasional bouts of “pin-her-down-and-fart-on-her-head” or “sit-here-and-read-my-book-and-ignore-her-till-she bursts”. Now however, he is indeed the perfect brother…..sigh…….

        Ooh, gastro eh? Speedy recovery wishes to you Jodi!


  6. Cool concept. Here’s mine:

    1) Seaweed
    2) A “Hello my name is Frank” name tag
    3) A corn field
    4) Un-tucked shirts

    I look forward to the next video, though I recon, after seeing the suggestions already put forth, our esteemed host may have second thoughts.


    • “Un-tucked shirts” having flash backs to school days and teachers barking at us all to tuck our shirts in.

      I’d love to see Host wandering around with a “Hello my name is Frank” name tag. Shall be very interesting to see how the voting goes!


  7. 1. Dress in Americans attire (I’m talking uncle Sam, unleashed style)

    2. Go up the statue of liberty

    3. Go to a terminal and welcome people into American soil

    4. Sing or play the national anthem in a crowded place


  8. The thing is Chris – he would totally get that! He loves Ghostbusters also. He probably wont really understand about Carpathians until he’s a little older – but wont rule out a question about them in the car some time soon … note to self – read up on Carpathians 🙂


  9. hope Im not too late

    1 the sea
    2 ghosts
    3 military
    4 Manhattan

    ok this is all about Governors Island off the tip of Manhattan and I suggest host goes there to do the video on the weekend. It will be ace because the island is one huge public art show. It will be perfect and scenic. You can replace any of the above with public art pieces!


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