Nano Check-In: Days 6 7 and 8

Up early

Fri: – YES! I pulled off five morning straight of 5:00am starts. Saturday and Sunday I slept in and loved it!

Morning Pages

Fri and Sun – YES. Sat was recovering from a few too many beers Friday night so, it was a bit of weird odd shaped day.

No internet until word count reached

This has all been a bit out of wack and may continue for the next few days. I do feel the sap on my creative energy when I put the internet on. I don’t need the other distactions which come through Twitter and Email first thing in the morning!

2000 words per day (or more)

Fri and Sun: Yes.  Sat I pared it back to 1000 words just to keep the momentum going (thanks for THAT cheer squad Ben)

No sugar

I’m trying – I have certainly cut it back and feeling good for it.

Walk where possible

Walking seems to have been replaced by swimming.

Eat Sensibly

I have a bottle of raw nuts by the computer now and using them to chew on when the urge hits.

Maximise opportunities for creative headspace.

Today was the first time I felt lost in the creative zone. It is such a wonderful feeling.

Great stuff

I’ve worked out how to incorporate a few surprises – jugging with the thoughts in the head and the fact Karu will be able to speak to Shet. That solved one of the dilemmas I had about Karu “revealing” himself to Shet.
There was also the realisation I am living the life other writer friends dream of – of only having to worry about getting words down on the paper.So trying hard to enjoy  and relish this experience.
And today I got to my first Write In over at Milton. I managed to get the most words down in the 10 minutes- but certain I goofed my starting total somehow.  Anyway – still chuffed. I brought the lolly pops home for Dylan.

Crap Stuff

There’s always minor crap stuff happening – things like hang overs and demands from other projects which sully the feel good vibe. I still don’t feel totally emotionally immersed in my characters but I think it has to do with the sheer number of characters I am currently juggling (the index cards were out again tonight) Once shet and Karu get together I am guessing it will be different – tomorrow?

Weird Stuff

I’ve now put my MC in crazy situation twice – she got lost in the forest and then almost drowned. Nothing like putting her through a few near death experiences.

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