Fourth Fiction Video Challenge Poll

Congratulations to Vasia who won top spot, second place (by only a few percentage points) went to Anna and third to Little Star.

Constantine out did himself, taking on board not just the four suggested by Vasia, but those suggested by everyone, including four from Tetra who missed being included in the poll because of late suggestions AND some side comments made at the blog, (Dylan was chuffed to see Ghost Busters in there.)

You can see the video here. It’s long but worth it – and you’ll want to watch it over and over again.


7 thoughts on “Fourth Fiction Video Challenge Poll

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  2. Of course I´d to vote on Brazilian stuff! 😀 If you need some Portuguese classes to make the video, Host, I could give you a hand! LOL (Perhaps I’ll teach you some bad words instead of those you want to say, just for fun!! – just kidding!!)


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  4. I think I used up my stock pile of indecency when I was younger 🙂 So naturally it reverts to me being a decent person!!!

    I could have voted for myself, but was too interested to see what the BJJ would look like. Plus, you ended up using all the challenges and a few more (Dylan is still fixated on those glasses – knew he would be!) Still awed by it … and terrifed about hoping infront of the camera.


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