#57 A Christmas Carol

To escape the heat Dylan and I hit the movies to enjoy their airconditioning. So it was A Christmas Carol … and it was bloody scarey. There was a sign at the box office warning about frightening supernatural scenes and I just shrugged it off. After all – we’re all hard core Dr Who fans… but far out!

The movie opens with Scrooge taking the money from the eyes of Marley. The animiation is quite spectacular – so much so I wasn’t sure if it was actually animated, it looked so realistic.

I had Dylan on my knee for most of it and I have never seen a truly more terrifying spectre than Joseph Marley. I imagine this was more in keeping with the original Dickens (I haven’t read it). The Ghost of Christmas Present is amazing… and he has sheltering beneath his robes the nasty human-like creatures which represent “ignorance” and “want”.

Given the nature of the film I imagine there will be plenty more conversations to be held in the coming weeks about it.


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