Chinese Whisperings on Mad Utopia

It isn’t really as quiet around here as the current lack of activity would seem to argue to the contrary! Here is a small taste of what has been going on behind the scenes as we literally hurtled towards our 1st December launch date.

The Chinese Whisperings anthology is featured in J.M. Strother’s rather excellent Mad Utopia blog, as the debut post on his featured series  “Writing in a New Era”.

Jon writes about his new series:

… I hope (this) to be a series of explorations into some innovative writing and publishing projects. As mentioned Monday, there is a lot of upheaval and turmoil in the the publishing world, with new challenges faced by everyone from the writer right on up through and including major publishing houses. But challenges mean opportunity.

This is the  first major exposure the project has had outside our own efforts through the blog and the usual social networking activities.  Support us by heading over to the interview – leave a comment or question.

Paul and I are open to being interviewed about the project solo or in stereo. If you’re interested drop us an email via the contact point on the “professional services” page here or via the Chinese Whisperings contact page.

1 thought on “Chinese Whisperings on Mad Utopia

  1. Thanks so much for taking part in my Writing In a New Era series, Jodi. You and Paul did a terrific job in the debut spot. Much success to you and all the writers involved with Chinese Whisperings. It really is innovative and an exciting project.


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