#64 Catching Up

Today we had morning tea on the back deck with an old friend Kerry. Kerry is one of the founders of HMA and I met her first when I went along to a brainstorming session at her place back in 2004. From there I became a member of HMA’s submission writing committee for the Maternity Services Review. Much of what I apply to my business dealings and organisation came from the time spent over those three months with Kerry.

She was keen to hear what I was up to with my writing. It was good to share with someone so keen to hear. She’s been following my Fourth Fiction novella in progress.

Dylan made friends with her cat Ginger Megs and insisted I take a photo of them together.

Later on in the afternoon I got this message from Kerry:

Now I remember why I like you so much. It’s your intelligence and willingness to shake life and see what falls out of the tree.

I’m going to put it up near my desk for the down days when I wonder why I bother and what drove me to it.


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