#67 Christmas Cards

This afternoon Mr D insisted he sit down and begin writing his Christmas cards for kindy. Last year this was a long and awful process as he sat and wrote them all himself. This year he’s doing it himself again – but what a difference a year makes. I gave him the list and he copied down the names, wrote the envelopes, put on a sticker and then passed to me to put the card in the envelope. Oh and then marked off the name on the list with a purple crayon cross. Far less painful – but having said that I think we’re not quite half way through yet.

When I disappeared to do the next rewrite on Fifteen Floors Above Bondi – he came in with a card written especially for me.  This is such a wonderful age.

1 thought on “#67 Christmas Cards

  1. The joy of writing cards. I haven’t done one of those in… More than a year! Everything is so electronic now–It’s getting plain. Wellp, gonna take that old water color box and craft papers out. Should be fun!


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