#69 Cruel Summer

It was the quarterly kindy working bee this morning and our turn to show up. November is not the best time to show up for a working bee.  When I set off from home just before 8:00am it was already 30 degrees and very humid. My first job was washing chairs with one of the other Mums. I’m sure this will figure in a story at some time in the future.

The killer for me, wasn’t so much the sun nor the humidity (though I was suffering from a mild case of heat stroke this afternoon) it was the fact before I left home, I’d been watching the Fourth Fiction video and I had the song in the background of the Connect Four section. The riff was immediately obvious but it had taken me a while to work out what is was, beyond the fact it was on the 1985 Comes Alive vinyl (housed at my Mum’s place these days). As I walked out the door I realised it was Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” and it went over and over in my head as a scrubbed and housed. Cruel Summer indeed (even though is was technically still Spring!)

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