#70 Didn’t We Have a Lovely Time

… the day we went to Byron.

This is us at the Eastern most tip of Australia having just seen dolphins (two pods) down below. Excellent day. Schoolies provided the soundtrack while the kids were in the park and we got to get our “mummy bodies” out among all the waif thin girls. Photo compliments of Dylan.

Best sight: a 60 years old woman with two twenty year old blokes lounging with her. WAsn’t quite sure what all of that was about – but she looked like a queen and was loving every moment. I’m aspiring to this when I am 60!

1 thought on “#70 Didn’t We Have a Lovely Time

  1. It was a particularly awesome day. I love how your aspiration is to be the 60 year old you saw today and mine is still to be the 15 year old I saw years ago, bike riding while carrying a surfboard.


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