November Review of Goals

I’m back this month after missing out on October due to the launch, head first, into NaNoWriMo on the 1st November.

1. Write something every day – building up to three pages a day

While it wasn’t three pages every day – it probably equals out to that much. I did basically write almost every day, and if I wasn’t writing I was editing. But this was November and NaNo! There is much writing and editing still to do – going to try and keep up the habit of writing every day and to always have a “bigger project” in the background.

2. Participate in [Fiction] Friday every week

I put this on hold a while back to concentrate on editing. This was the first NaNo I didn’t use the prompts in my story- they didn’t really fit with an alien like pre-industrialised world.

3. Read two books a month (or a minimum of 600 pages)

I read one and that seems like an accomplishment given what went down this month. It was Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey and is my favourite book of the year. It rightly carries the Australia’s answer to “To Kill a Mockingbirth” comparision by publishers Allen and Unwin with which it was released, earlier this year. Best bit – I have a signed copy. I have spoken to the author. Enough said.

4. Complete a manuscript

Ouch! Now this a sore point. I wanted to come out of November with a completed manuscript and of course – I don’t. The story went awry and I’m back to the beginning and not only just disinterested in the plight of my characters right now – but downright hating it. Where to from here – hope that I can complete my Fourth Fiction and therefore have a novella length manuscript finished to work on over summer.

5. Enter a minimum of four competitions

Still three to enter… doubtful anything is really going to come of this. Perhaps competitions really just aren’t my cup of tea?

6. Have a minimum of 2 fiction and 2 non fiction pieces published

Gracevile is – argh! I have several people look over it at the end of October and I promised myself I would submit to Meanjin at the start of December when they were taking submissons again. Don’t know? I think it is time to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

I’m looking at submitting something to a Miscellaneous Press for their 2009 anthology of blog pieces – and thinking Taping Lydia and My Sandals could go there if they are accepting multiple entries.

I’m also submitting to the 12 Stories in 12 Days project -which will be both printed online and in paperback. And when all else fails there is…

As for all those two non-fiction pieces. The plethora of WA columns and Type A Mom articles more than cover it.

7. Get my ‘Chinese Whispers’ novelette/anthology off the ground

Official launch date is now Friday 1st January, as Paul and I scramble to get everything finished. It was meant to be today – but several last minute hold ups are keeping us from publishing on the original dates. We want to do it properly the first time and making sure everything has been checked and double checked.

I printed off the proofing copy today and am going through it with a fine tooth comb in anticipation of meeting with Paul Friday evening to go through it. By Friday bedtime the anthology for all intents and purposes will be completed. Then we will begin the research to find ourselves the best POD service.

8. Commit to a schedule of professional development

All done! Looking forward to going to the QWC Christmas party at the end of the week.

9. Watch one movie a week

This has been really hit and miss. Coming into school holidays there will be one kids movie a week. I’m about to go down and watch a movie with Robert Pattinson in it – thinking it it probably going to be terribly lame. At least I will see if he can get beyond the constipated acting in Twilight.

10. Participate in the National Novel Writing Month

I’ve learnt lots this turn at NaNo. I picked the wrong story to do and missed the opportunity to explore the world of my 15 year old alter self, the world of Dirk Hartog, Adam and Eve’s world… still I got the 50Ks and my completion certificate and will choose more wisely next year.

In the Month of December:

My goals for the final month of the year:

  • complete Fourth Fiction Novella – official date is 4th December but going to see just how that pans out.
  • complete and submit Bondi – my “12 stories in 12 days” entry by 8th December
  • complete all Chinese Whisperings related matters by my birthday – 16th December
  • Read The Confusion by Neal Stephenson
  • submit Graceville to Meanjin
  • submit Taping Lydia and My Sandals to Miscellaneous Voices: Australian Blog Writing 2009
  • have one week away from the computer
  • post a photo everyday for 365 (rather than posting in bunches!)


5 thoughts on “November Review of Goals

    • I woke up this morning thinking about it Tina. Read the challenge went *blank* – but have since stumbled a crazy story about 42 poker playing grannies aged 75-95 who were arrested for illegal gambling… and a story is stirring. At least there is six weeks to let something stew and rise. Thanks for the reminder. Will go add to my list of goals for December.


    • I did fuss budget over that one. If I take one photo a day and store them up during that week, I can live with having posted every day for three weeks! I’m just not sure if this is the month to take a week off – maybe in January. Even just a few days would be nice – and make my family happy.


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