With a Little Help From My Friends

It is the 2nd December and I’ve finally decided the challenge I will set myself to finish my Fourth Fiction novella.  Whether or not it happens by December 4, remains to be seen (I’m rather attached to sleep).

My challenge involves you – my readers. I am asking twelve friends/readers to nominate a page number ending in “4” (the magic number) between the ranges of 1 and 258 (ie number 74). The number refer to page numbers in a book called “The Urban Primitive” where the first tiny flicker of a story idea came from (and you’ll get to see it in its full glory in the final episode).

The sooner you nominate a page number the sooner I can get cracking writing.

PS: JD and Chris – I intend to try and incorporate what you have already suggested too.


Fiona – 124

Mum -244

Ben – 184

Jen B – 94

16 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends

    • Well there is something I didn’t know Mr Anderson. Given you height guess it is a given you would have played basketball. Maybe you and Dave can have one on one some time when we’re all in the same place together.


    • Is the a Month Python reference (I lived with a MP fiend but obviously none of it has rubbed off on me!) Anyway – it doesn’t count, as it has to “end” in “4”. Just compiling up all the page numbers now.

      You have an honorary challenge in getting some passion happening between Marcus and Sylvie 🙂


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