With A Little Help From My Friends Reprise

Ask and you shall receive. In twenty-four hours I got the twelve challenges required (12 based on the number of contestants originally invited to be part of Fourth Fiction, and from memory, the same number of outside participants as well)

Here is the low down on what you can expect in the next installment:

  1. Constantine (4):  the heart of a city
  2. JD (34): paranoia and raw nerves in close quarters
  3. Anna and Em (44): walking the boundaries of a room, breath cleansing, garlic
  4. Paul Servini (64): a devastatingly handsome man
  5. Diane (74):  invocation of fire spirits
  6. Jen (94): a journey through a maze
  7. Tina (104): facing a difficult truth
  8. Fiona (124): a tattoo
  9. Dale (144): a blank page
  10. Ben (184): letting intuition flow
  11. Rob Salvatore & Mum (244): a lie
  12. Paul (254) : Ragweed – gives desperate confidence in desperate situations

Now to wind it all together.

Amazingly many of these elements exist already. We know Marcus is devastatingly handsome. We know in the birth room a number of women have come together under strained circumstances. We know when left alone, birth is an instinctive and intuitive process. We know Sylvie has been left in a rather desperate situation. What of it all. I promise you’ll know all in a few days time… now to work out how to get 48 hours into 24. My maths always did suck.


4 thoughts on “With A Little Help From My Friends Reprise

  1. I’m a Grey Ox, what can I say? How I am going to pull this off in the next few days, which includes also finalising The Red Book, completing my 12 Stories in 12 Days short and recovering from a Christmas party revelling. Well… we will see.

    I’ve got my own surprise for you on the 8th too. But now you’ll have to wait until then. Pay back!


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