#74 More Chinese Whisperings

Today was the deadline for finalising the text in The Red Book and as always, there is nothing like a deadline to make you sit down and do it. There is also nothing like a printed copy infrot of you to pick up all manner of highly embarrassing mistakes. This photo doesn’t actually do the process justice, as later on there are scribbled notes to myself, then counter notes. I set myself up firstly in Borders, then when I couldn’t face any more tea (even iced tea) it was off to the library.

Post Script: (The next day!) If the “fourth” is truly with us and Constantine seems to have done a brilliant job of sharing it around, Paul and I had an epic Skype line editing session which went for four minutes shy of four hours (three hours and fifty-six minutes!) On five hours sleep the night before and heading towards midnight – I don’t think I would have survived with anyone, other than Paul, on the other end. We were still managing to make jokes as we slogged through it. And in case anyone asks – neither of us want to see another hyphen, em-dash or en-dash for a VERY long time.


6 thoughts on “#74 More Chinese Whisperings

  1. LOL… only outdone by my comment, “Where would you like to put your dash in?” Oh hours of fun… or is that just the joys of line editing, online for for almost four hours? Every one is going to be *so* clear on their use of dashes next edition aren’t they?


  2. If we’re all being totally honest Dale, I am a far worse offender than you. I stripped many of mine out when the issues around them came up. I love my dashes! We were talking last night about all the multiple difference in dashes – not just the hyphens, ens and ems, but apparently there are different sized ones for minus signs and the ones used in dates etc. Ask Paul he’s the man on dashes.

    The stylistic use ended up in Jasmine’s story – because well, I wont say anything, incase I needlessly spoil one of the stories in the anthology.

    But after four hours of steering at a screen.doing line edits when you want to be in bed, all sorts of things begin to haunt you… but actually, it is Paul who has the real aversion to them, because he had to go through to replace and standardise all ten stories.

    So to answer your question – I don’t think you are the main offender!! Though when I get the proof copy I will have to pay close attention 🙂


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