#78 Bye Bye Bondi

Today I spent four hours putting my beautiful razor blade through my short story, recently re-named “Bondi”. I have lovingly cut since the first draft, almost 1200 words. Amazing and incredible.  I was ably assisted in the contraction process by my fantastic beta readers Edwina, Jen, Rob, Diane and Rebecca.

I love it when, despite all the prior editing, your opening couple of paragraphs are still scribbled over in green pen.  Sigh! But you can’t edit forever – the cord has to cut some time. I sent my email through to Jim just before dinner tonight. I promise to stop being all secret squirrel about this (which wasn’t my intention – just lack of time to write a proper post about it all) and post something tomorrow about it all.

3 thoughts on “#78 Bye Bye Bondi

  1. I don’t normally edit in colour or ink – normally in lead pencil which is easy to rub out when I get it wrong! I had green ink in my fountain pen and decided to edit in ink for a change – given it was only me looking at it.

    Was so nice to edit with a beautiful pen I have to say – maybe a note to self for future editing forays.


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