#80 Griffith Review Xmas Party

I got an invite along to The Griffith Review’s Christmas Party at Avid Reader in West End tonight by my wonderful friend and mentor (funny how that word seems to be creeping in quite a lot when I write of Edwina!) Edwina Shaw had been invited to read her story The Raft (an extract from her forthcoming novel Thrill Seekers.)

It was just the sort of outting I needed to blow of the Fourth Fiction Merde/Head Fuck which has infected the past twenty-four hours. Not to be out-done though… you’ll notice I managed to get ticket C14 (the 14th being the date Constantine will give his interview with Cyrus Webb). The upshot, got to drink free wine, meet Edwina’s family, hear her do a reading AND I won a free calendar (made me think of you Ben – it is a 3CR calendar from Melbourne!) Loved carrying a bare-breasted Ned Kelly up through the main street of West End and up Melbourne Street to the bus stop.


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