Review of December Goals

As it is not just mid-month but also the new moon, I thought I would have a review of where I’m standing with my goals for this month.

Complete Fourth Fiction Novella

official date is 4th December but going to see just how that pans out.

I have posted five of what has become twelve installments. I have written another three leaving four more to go. On the 8th, which became the new official end date, I wrote close to 5000 words and have struggled since. Have the new strain of narrative but haven’t had a chance to put it down given the drama which came firstly with the FF finale, my own personal fall out, then new family dramas and most recently my birthday.

New official date for completion is Christmas Eve and with Mum here now, there is potential for several hours of writing a day.

Complete and submit Bondi – my 12 Days of Christmas entry by 8th December

Done – and it even went in early because of the time zone differences!

Complete all Chinese Whisperings related matters by my birthday – 16th December

We’re still chipping away, but almost there. Again – moving it to Christmas Eve and then having a proper break.

Read The Confusion by Neal Stephenson

Too confused in my own head to try and tackle this. Currently reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to celebrate the 10th anniversary of receiving it for my birthday and to finally say, “I’ve read Mark Twain.” I also got The Lovely Bones for my birthday and hoping I will devour it in time to also see it at the movies.

Submit Graceville to Meanjin

Still on the to do list.

Submit Taping Lydia and My Sandals to Miscellaneous Voices: Australian Blog Writing 2009

On the to do list for tomorrow while the moon is hanging out in productive Capricorn. Also promised Ben I would look over his list of possible blog articles for submission.

Have one week away from the computer

Scheduled for the week starting Christmas Eve.

Post a photo everyday for 365 (rather than posting in bunches!)

Still uploading them in batches, but I didn’t anticipate all the stuff which has come out of the woodwork this month. I’m taking one every day which is good enough at the moment. Exciting news is we got a new camera for Christmas, which I was allowed to open early to photograph my birthday yesterday. Amazing zoom and looking forward to lots of weird and wonderful pics to rival Jen B’s gorgeous shots (well I can hop!)


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