Rejection Letter

After reading Ben’s rejection letter yesterday – I got my own today. No – we weren’t subbing to the same publication, just the way it worked out.

I submitted my story Perspectives of Sand (formerly My Sandals) to Australian publisher Miscellaneous Press for their anthology of blog writing. I wasn’t too devastated with the rejection letter.

If anything, I was grateful for deciding to send only one story there and only having one story rejected. The other story I had considered sending in there, I subbed instead to Jon Strother’s Best of Friday Flash 2009. Had I done it the way I intended it – I might have missed out totally with both stories.  Not sure when Jon will let us know who has been successful in getting into his anthology.

One thing I’ve learnt is that rejection doesn’t HAVE to mean that your story is no good or not wanted – it just simply hasn’t found its home yet.

4 thoughts on “Rejection Letter

  1. Reject rejection. You’re exactly right. Just because it wasn’t accepted does not mean it is not good or will never be accepted.

    Not sure what the time table is for the final judging of the Best of Friday Flash Anthology. I would guess end of February.


  2. I know the slush piles are being read at the moment. Guessing I’ll get my beautiful razor blade on some soon 🙂

    Just to think up a possible home for this story given it’s been published on the web?


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