#121 The Artist At Work

#121/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Snaped by my son, this is the artist at work! You’d think, for something I love so much, I could manage a smile at the screen. And the cat, Keats, rather than my muse, is more like a familiar. He’s been hanging out with me at the computer since he was a kitten 18 years ago.


6 thoughts on “#121 The Artist At Work

    • Joni – I haven’t always had the wonderful Keats computer side. He lived with my Mum for most of those years (I moved out and he got left behind) – but has come home to me to ‘retire.’

      I’ve waved to Keats for Gracie – as the cat is now stone deaf!


    • We wouldn’t have been able to re-adopt (see above comment to Joni) Keats if we didn’t own this place. Sadly he was going to be put down because my Mum was moving and as he was well and spritely still, I couldn’t stomach the idea. So he’s here.

      And cats are a writers best friend – happy to curl up next to you. Keats loves sleeping on my computer exhaust outlet where it’s nice and warm.


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